Our Board

The GasFields Commission Board was appointed on December 1, 2019 for a three-year period. It is made up of a part-time Chair and three part-time Commissioners.

Under Section 9A of the Gasfields Commission Act 2013 the Commission’s Board will include:

  • (i) a commissioner who has knowledge of, or experience with, the interests of landholders; and
  • (ii) a commissioner who has knowledge of, or experience with, the interests of communities in which the onshore gas industry operates; and
  • (iii) a commissioner who has knowledge of, or experience with, the onshore gas industry.

The Commissioners operate as a board, setting the strategic direction, with Commission staff being responsible for its implementation.

GasFields Commission Queensland Board Chairman Ian Langdon

Ian Langdon - Chair

Mr Langdon has extensive board experience as a Chair, Audit Committee Chair and Non-Executive Director for a wide range of companies and government organisations involved in agribusiness, food production, marketing and health. Mr Langdon is currently the Chair of Gold Coast Health. His previous roles include:

  • Chair of Autism Queensland, Peanut Company of Australia and Dairy Farmers Group
  • Member of the Board for Rabo Bank, Pivot Fertilizers and Delta Electricity
  • Associate Professor and Dean of Business
    at Griffith University (Gold Coast campus).

GasFields Commission Queensland Board Commissioner Rebecca Pickering

Rebecca Pickering - Commissioner

Ms Pickering has extensive experience in the energy and infrastructure industries having held senior executive roles at Energex and Origin Energy. Ms Pickering is currently a Director of Planning, Communications and Stakeholder Relations for the Australian Rail Track Corporation.

During her time at Origin Energy, Ms Pickering worked on the regulatory framework for the coal seam gas industry, ran gas field operations and led the environment, community and land access development phases for the first 1,000 wells of the Australia Pacific LNG project.

GasFields Commission Queensland Board Commissioner Stuart Armitage

Stuart Armitage - Commissioner

Mr Armitage is an active member of Cotton Australia, Central Downs Irrigators Limited, the Darling Downs Cotton Growers Inc, AgForce Queensland and is the former president of the Queensland Farmers Federation.

Mr Armitage has been involved with farming all his life. He grew up on a dairy farm near Oakey, Queensland and for the past 40 years has been farming at Cecil Plains on the family operation with his wife Maxine. For the past 28 years they have grown mainly cotton on their 600 hectare irrigated cropping property, with grain used as an opportunity and rotation crop.

GasFields Commission Queensland Board Commissioner Shalene McClure

Shalene McClure - Commissioner

Ms McClure is a petroleum geologist with more than 27 years of oil and gas industry experience, who possesses a broad and intimate knowledge of Queensland's coal seam and unconventional gas sectors.

Ms McClure has been involved in all phases of the Queensland gas industry, including, but not limited to: drilling, seismic, exploration, appraisal, technical evaluations, gas field development and gas field asset operations. She is also a past Federal President of the Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA).