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The End of Another Year - blog post image
  • Fri 14, Dec 2018
  • Gasfields Commission

The End of Another Year

Our little team of 10 staff has punched well above its weight throughout 2018.
Staying in Front of Development - blog post image
  • Tue 19, Jun 2018
  • Gasfields Commission

Staying in Front of Development

The GasFields Commission has spent almost the entire month of May and early June on the road around regional Queensland meeting with stakeholders and hosting a series of information sessions.
Autumn 2018 newsletter - blog post image
  • Fri 11, May 2018
  • Gasfields Commission

Autumn 2018 newsletter

In this issue: snapshot of the latest industry facts, video testimonials from businesses and landholders in gas field communities, applied biosecurity, compensation explained and more.
New Industry Snapshot - blog post image
  • Tue 1, May 2018
  • Gasfields Commission

New Industry Snapshot

The snapshot is an easy to read reference guide that shows the size of the industry, its contribution to the economy, water usage and other useful information.
Applied Biosecurity - blog post image
  • Fri 16, Mar 2018
  • Gasfields Commission

Applied Biosecurity

The Commission hosted its first biosecurity workshop in Kogan on Thursday along with representatives from AgForce Queensland, Livestock Biosecurity Network and the CSG Compliance Unit.
New Workforce Forecast - blog post image
  • Tue 6, Mar 2018
  • Gasfields Commission

New Workforce Forecast

The Statistician's Office believes the CSG industry will continue to be the primary influence on the Surat Basin’s non-resident population to 2024 with new gas projects and expansions proposed for the region.
Law On the Road - blog post image
  • Thu 15, Feb 2018
  • Gasfields Commission

Law On the Road

The Land Court of Queensland is taking the unprecedented step of engaging directly with landholders at community leader forums in country Queensland to demystify the Land Court process.
Going With the Flow - blog post image
  • Tue 12, Dec 2017
  • Gasfields Commission

Going With the Flow

Research into the effects of the Coal Seam Gas industry on groundwater is continuously improving our understanding about underground water movements and implications of coal seam development.
A Natural Solution to a Bored Problem? - blog post image
  • Tue 14, Nov 2017
  • Gasfields Commission

A Natural Solution to a Bored Problem?

Scientists at the University of Queensland believe they may have found a natural solution to the modern challenge of decommissioning old wells.
A Roma Success - blog post image
  • Wed 1, Nov 2017
  • Gasfields Commission

A Roma Success

Peter Sharpe is not your usual entrepreneur. It says “Chief Executive Officer” on his office door but he readily admits he’s not a real Chief Executive in the true sense of the word because he just can’t stick to the job description.